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Danevell 10 (live #)

Ker Is

e brezhoneg aes

Gerioù nevez

alc'hwez(ioù) key (s)
anvet named, whose name is
atav always, in any case
aour gold
aozañ to organize, to prepare
arvest spectacle, sight, scenery
bae bay
bageal to navigate, to sail in a boat
beuzet drowned
bev alive
brein(et) rotten, corrupt
brud fame
*buhez life
*chadenn chain, link
chas dogs (plur. of ki)
c'hwek sweet, pleasant
daoulagad (pair of) eyes
deiz day
delwenn statue
derc'hel (da) to keep, to hold, to continue
desket learned, taught, erudite
devezh length of a day, activity carried out in a day
diaoulek devilish
difenn to forbid
digeriñ (digor) to open
dilhad clothes
diroll dissolute, profligate, licentious, loose
disakr impious, ungodly
distruj destruction
dont e-barzh to come in
*dor door
Doue God
drouk bad, evil, wicked, nasty
ebatal to amuse oneself, to play, to frolic, to gambol
ebatoù merryment, merrymakings, frolics
(an) eil ... egile one ... other
embann to proclaim
en-dro da around
eno there
estren foreign, alien
flour smooth, soft
gadal immodest, libidinous, lascivious, lustful
gouel feast
goullo empty
gwashañ worst
gwashoc'h (eget) worse (than)
gwechall formerly, once (upon a time)
hoalus attractive, alluring, charming, fascinating, engaging
hud magic, wizardry
*iliz church
iskis strange, queer, odd
kaer beautiful, fine
*kalon heart
karout to love
*kêr the town, the city
*kêrbenn capital
*kerc'henn region surrounding neck
Ker Is Ys City
Kerne Cornouaille
ki (chas) dog
kleier plural for "kloc'h"
klevout to ear
kloc'h (kleier) bell (s)
komzoù spoken words (also lyrics)
korn corner
koroll dance
krediñ to believe ; to dare
kriz cruel, hard, harsh, heartless
kuitaat to quit, to leave, to depart
lavarout to say, to tell
lezel to let, to leave, to allow, to permit
ma if
manac'h monk
marv a. dead / n. death
mel honey
*merc'h daughter
mervel to die
meur a several
milliget damnable, accursed
*moger wall
*mojenn legend, tale
mont er-maez to go,get,step out
naon hunger
nemeti only her, unique
ne ra forzh never mind, (she) doesn't care
ober goap to mock, to make fun (of)
padout to last
palez palace
paouez to stop, to cease, to pause
paour poor
pec'hed sin
pec'her sinner
pell far, distant (plce, long (time))
pell zo long ago
penn-da-benn from end to end, completely
*pinvidigezh wealth
pinvidik rich, wealthy
plijadurioù pleasures
priñs prince
priñsez princess
rak for, because
(ar) re the (+ adj. plur.)
reiñ (ro) to give
ren to reign, to lead (life)
*rouantelezh kingdom
roue king
sentiñ to obey
*skiant science
skluzioù flood gate
*skwer example
soñjal (e) to think (of)
staget fastened, linked
*straed streed
strobinellerezh magic spell, bewitchment
tan fire
tost near, close
Ker Is
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