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A-zivout al lec'hienn-mañ

About this site

This site is published by the association SAV-HEOL

Sav-heol is an association regulated by the law of 1901 and based in Rennes, Brittany. It aims to teach (evening classes) and promote the Breton language in the Rennes area and beyond. A lot of time and effort is spent on the production of teaching resources which include this server. Sav-heol is a member of Kuzul ar Brezhoneg as well as theUPRACB and is included in the Mercator-Education database.
Notably, the lessons on the site are based on the method by Mark Kerrain, teacher of Breton at the Zola High School in Rennes and at theUniversité de Haute-Bretagne who is also the chairman of Sav-heol.

Site Maintenance

This Internet service was created and is maintained by Romuald Texier , former teacher atSav-Heol and theDiwan High School.


We should especially like to thank Fabrice Le Leannec, for having hosted this service in the early days while he was a student engineer at Télécom Bretagne. If it were not for his help, this service would probably not exist.
Thank you also to ENSTB for having hosted the site for a short time before it became
Special thanks to Ti Embann ar Skolioù for graciously allowing us to use their recordings of the various dialogues included in the lessons.
We also thank the following for their precious help, both past and present:
Ina Maiwald de Miniño
Responsible for the German and Spanish versions of this site.
Kervarker UK
Scott Oser
Kervarker USA
Caoimhín Ó Donnaíle
Contributor to the English version
Insa G. Thierling
Initiator of the German version
David M. Scott
Contributor to the English version
Thanks to all the staff and pupils who have sent us their work.
And countless thanks to all involved in the production of free software, for their wonderful tools and especially the Linux operating system under which this site is developed and hosted.
About this site
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