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The Breton Language?

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What is the Breton Language?


Breton (Ar Brezhoneg) is a Celtic language like Welsh, Gaelic, etc. In particular, it belongs to the same branch as Welsh, the Brythonic branch. Breton is spoken essentially in West-Brittany. For those who don't know where Brittany is, here is a map of Europe showing the location of Brittany (Breizh in Breton) :
Location of Brittany in Europe

Do not confuse Breton with Gallo, which is a Romance language closely connected with French and spoken in East-Brittany.
Linguistic map of Brittany  (Kervarker)

As shown on the map, the eastern linguistic frontier of Breton drew back during the course of history in a way that increased the influence of our powerful French-speaking neighbor. Meanwhile, under the influence of the media Gallo became more like French.
The Breton Language?
· What is the Breton Language?
· History of the Breton Language