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Danevell 7 (live #)


e brezhoneg aes

Gerioù nevez

a-benn pegeit how long for
a-benn pegoulz when for
a-bouez important
adkas to send back/again
a-gostez aside
anv name
aotrou Lord ; Sir ; Mister
ardivink machine
azezañ to sit down
biskoazh kemend-all ! never anything more stunning !
*boest box
botoù-ruilh roller skates
bouzar deaf
bouzarus deafening, ear-splitting
bugel child
*chekenn cheque
chom a-sav to stop
da gustum usually
digeriñ (digor) to open
dihun awake
dihunet awaken
diouzh ar c'hiz in fashion, in vogue
diskenn to go down, to get off
dispar extra, excellent, wonderful
displegañ to explain
dispign to spend
dle debt, due
e-lec'h ma where (conj.)
evn(ed) bird
farsal to joke
fri nose
*fromadenn emotion
ganet born
gell brown
gervel (galv) to call
gevier ( ur gaou) lies
glav rain
gleb(-teil) wet, damp (drenched)
*godell pocket
golo enveloppe
gonit (gonez) to win, to earn
gouelañ to weep
gwalc'het washed
gwelout to see
gwenneg (gwenneien) penny (pence)
gwiskañ to dress
gwisket dressed
heol sun
hini kreñv spirit, brandy, some strong
huñvre dream
kaer beautiful, fine, well
kaezh poor, unfortuned (also dear, loved)
kan song
*kaotigell jam
kavout to find
*kont account
kregiñ to begin, to start
lakaat to put, to place, to set, to lay
lêr leather
leuskel (laosk) to let, to leave, to release, to allow, to permit
lizher (lizhiri) letter (post)
lochore awkward boy
lur franc
malañ to grind, to miller
marvet dead
mav merry
ma'z eus if there is/are
merc'heta to womanize
meurzh Tuesday
*moereb aunt
morzhol hammer
mouk purple, violet
pare cured, healed, restored to health
peadra enough to, what is necessary for a purpose
pebezh ... ! what a ... !
*pellgomz telephone
*pigell pickaxe, pick
plegañ to fold, to bend, to bow
*prenadenn purchase, thing bought
prenestr window
(ar) re all the others
rener director, leader, head, manager
riv feeling of cold
roz rose
*sae-gambr dressing gown
sevel to rise, to get up
skalieroù stairs
soñj memory
splannañ to shine
teil farm manure, dung
tennañ to pull, to draw
*terzhienn fever
*toenn roof
tommañ to heat, to warm
tredan electricity, electric
troet (da) prone (to), inclined, disposed, given
trouz noise
tu way, means
tudoù fellows, folk
urcher process server, bailiff, court usher
war ma lerc'h on my trails, on my footsteps
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