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Spontus !

e brezhoneg aes

Gerioù nevez

*bachelouriezh baccalauréat
berr short ; rare
bloaz year
bugel (bugale) child (ren)
burev office
devezhier day labourer
dispign to spent
diwall to protect, to guard
dougen to carry
e-pad during, all along
ezhomm need
fellout (da) to will, to wish
feurm farm
frouezh fruits
gallout to be able
gonit to win, to earn
*gwech time
gwerzhañ to sell
gwisket dressed
hañv summer
huchal to shout
kalonek courageous
kanton canton
kemer to make
ken ... ma so ... that...
ker expensive, dear, loved
kig meat
kiger butcher
koustañ to cost
kuitaat to leave
labourer-douar farmer
legumaj vegetables
ma where
*maouez woman
*matezh maid-servant
medisin medical doctor
medisinerezh (art of) medecine
ober war-dro to look after
ouzhpenn besides, moreover
ospital hospital
paour poor
*parrez parish
pezh what (NOT interr.)
pinvidik rich
pourmen to go for a walk
prenañ to buy
rankout to have to
servij to be useful, to be used
skoazellañ to help
speredek intelligent
spontus frightening
*studi study
studiañ to study
tapout krog (e) to catch, to seize
tostaat to approach, to come nearer (and nearer)
troc'hañ to cut
tud 1. people 2. parents
war ar maez in the country
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