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Danevell 4 (live #)

Ar voutailh war an traezh.

e brezhoneg aes

Gerioù nevez

abardaevezh length of an evening ; activity carried out in an evening
aer air
anavezet known
aod coast, shore, sea front
aour gold
arsailhet attacked
arvor maritime/coastal region
askorn (eskern) bone (bones)
bagad group, party, troup, band, company
betek until, till / up to, to
*boutailh bottle
brein putrid, rotten, corrupt
breinañ to rot, to decay
bugel child
*buhez life
daonet damned
dastum to collect, to amass, to heap up, to get together
didud uninhabited, desert
dilestrañ to disembark
dilezet deserted, abandoned, left
dirak in front of, before
diskenn to descent, to go down
displegañ to unfold
diverkañ to delete, to erase
dorn hand
Douar an Tan Tierra del Fuego, extreme south of America, facing Antartica
doujet respected, regarded, (also feared)
e-kreiz in the middle (of)
empentiñ to imagine
ene soul
Enez ar Skorn Iceland
enezenn isle, island
eon foam, froth, lather
eskern see askorn
*follenn sheet
fuzuilh shot gun, rifle
gouelañ to weep
gourvez to lie down
gwag waves
hanter half
hepken only
(an) hini the one (who)
inizi isles, islands
kabiten captain
karout to love
kavout to find, to discover
kelenn to teach
kevrinek mysterious, secret
klask to seek, to look for, to search
klouar warm
korf(où) body, corps
koll to lose
krediñ to believe
*kroug gallows
kuzhat to hide
lazhañ to kill
letanant lieutenant
leun full
lezel to let, to leave, to allow, to permit
lipat to lick
lizher letter (post)
*lizherenn letter (of the alphabet)
loen(ed) animal
manet kousket sleeping, gone to sleep
martolod(ed) sailor, seaman
marv death / dead
melen yellow
milliget accursed, damnable
morlaer pirate
morvleiz shark
mut dumb, mute
oabl sky
pep tra everything
poan pain, ache
preizher spoiler, plunderer, preyer, pirate
roc'h (reier) rock
ruilhal to roll, to pour
*sabrenn sabre
saoz english (nat.)
sekredoù secrets
stered stars
tarzhañ to explode, to blow up, to burst, to break (waves)
teirgwern three mast boat
tennañ to pull, to draw
teñzor treasure
traezh sand
*traezhenn beach
treid feet
treitour traitor
tud people ; parents
Ar voutailh war an traezh.
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