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Introduction to the Breton Language Course

A bep seurt

How to use the course


Learning Breton, like any language, requires a methodical approach and practice.
As a modern living spoken language, you need to emphasize the accuracy of the spoken word. That is why we strongly recommend you try to practice with several other learners (at least two).

The on-line lessons

Each lesson is organized as follows:
  1. Divizioù: One or more dialogues, each accompanied by a sound file. These are followed by comprehension questions and pair work;
  2. Gerioù nevez: A vocabulary list of new words used in the lesson.
  3. Soniadouriezh: Points about pronunciation (Distagadur) and stressed syllables(Taol-mouezh) ;
  4. Yezhadur: Grammar points;
  5. Poelladennoù: Answers to exercises.
To develop familiarity with the language, first listen and then if need be, read the dialogues without referring to the vocabulary. At the same time try to guess the overall meaning.
Secondly, study the "technical" side of the language. Again, you need to concentrate on your pronunciation.
Answer the questions on the texts and exercises orally.
Introduction to the Breton Language Course
· How to use the course
· Phonetic transcription and general rules of pronunciation
· Reading Breton