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Petra nevez ?

Older news

 Lesson update 27 May 2002 
New tranlated lessons contributed by Angus Macaulay: kentel 13 and kentel 16. Thank you very much Angus!
Source: Kervarker

 Finally online (beta release) 06 May 2002 
The English part of Kervarker is now consistent with the rest of the site. Many thanks to all the people who helped : Katie Bebbington, Alain Pommet, David Scott, Douglas McKercher, R.J. Pitwood, David Darr, Doria Allegra Phelps Hughes, Angus Macaulay, Paul Dunstan, Jacky. Some more files are still waiting for translation to be completly up to date, but it is in the right way !
Source: Kervarker

We are looking for WebMasters
Today's team needs help to keep managing this always bigger multilingual site (5 languages!). We are seeking volunteers for maintenance and development in collaboration with content providers. Furthermore, you may have noticed, we need a graphic designer... Please contact us, now! The Webmaster.

Against nationalism and intolerance
We would like to remind that Kervarker is a site which is strictly dedicated to the Breton language, its teaching and the Breton culture. We promote the Breton language because of our interest in languages, all languages, and not because of any nationalistic particularism that we reject. We like to speak and write in Breton, and we think that the Breton language fully contributes to the world's cultural richness and diversity. There are no second-class languages. Furthermore, we condemn any form of violence or discrimination against individuals because of their languages, religions or origins. As a result, we call for vigilance against any misuse of legitimate cultural claims by extremists, terrorists and nationalists. The Breton language (as well as other languages) must not be a pretext for exclusion and for isolationism, in both directions. A language belongs to nobody or everybody, it must not become a prison.


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